From a top-end refresh to bottom-up race builds, engine work is Jamie’s strongest asset. Jamie’s extensive experience building some of the fastest pro racing engines in North America.

- Cylinder head reconditioning using industry leading
technology for seat cutting; 

- Camshaft upgrade or timing adjustment;

- Combustion chamber and compression ratio
measuring and  modification;

- Decking gasket surfaces, cylinder head and block;


Through the use of state-of-the-art computer technology, the Dynamometer allows you to quickly and accurately diagnose performance problems.  It accurately and
simultaneously measures the rear wheel horsepower, torque, speed, RPM and air/fuel ratio of any motorcycle.

- Install aftermarket engine control systems;- Air/fuel optimization with all software programs; 

- Ignition timing mapping

- Horsepower output with graph;

- Torque reading with before and after comparison;

- Performance problem diagnosis;

- Engine break in;


The suspension is what connects the rider to the road, proper maintenance and optimizing this aspect of the motorcycle can raise the performance level dramatically.

- Shock absorber serviced with latest Ohlins
technology filling equipment;- Fork servicing and modification; 

- Front and rear spring changes;

- Seal replacements;

- Shock absorber upgrade and modifications


Personalization  is the essential parts of transforming a stock bike into a track bike or a custom bike.  Modifications for pure looks or essential functions can be performed.

- Bodywork Installation;

- Rear Set Installation;

- Clip On Handlebar Installation;


A Complete race bike build and tune service.

A successful racing motorcycle must be a complete package: optimum power, handling and braking are achieved from the very  highest quality components.  But success requires that these elements  are all set up correctly and working in  harmony with both the individual  rider  and the track conditions.  These service are also complex to perform and required a great deal of communication between the rider and its mechanic.  Each rider has their own unique riding style and therefore, each pilot has his or her own set of preferences.


- Fit racing bodywork; 

- Racing component installations;

- Wiring harness preparation and streamlining;

- Braking system upgrade: lines, fluid, pads etc.;

- Adjustable chassis components installation:
triple clamps, swing are  pivot, chain, blocks;

Maintenance & Repairs includes: 

- Tune ups

- Oil and filter changes

- Manufacturer recommended services

- Valve clearance checks and adjustments

- Drive chain/belt/shaft inspection, replacement or service

- Tire replacement